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Total Warranty services specializes in creating customized Limited Warranty products to best suit your customers' needs. We are able to provide nearly any variation of these giveaway products. They are proven marketing tools that help you increase brand awareness and overall sales. With generic and private label options available and all of the necessary F&I products needed to "wrap" these Warranties, TWS can ensure that you have exactly what you need to reach your customers.

Filing a claim

If possible, it is recommended that you return to the dealership where you purchased your vehicle. If you are unable to do so, you may take the vehicle to a licensed repair facility that guarantees repairs for at least 12 months and 12,000 miles. The repair facility must contact us and obtain authorization prior to commencing repairs.

We will request the following information from the repair facility representative:

Customer Concern – The reason for your visit
Cause for Concern – Detailed diagnosis from repair facility
Correction for Concern – Recommended repairs

  • Complete estimate for repairs including part numbers and labor time
  • Last eight characters of the VIN number
  • Repair order information including date and documented mileage
  • Tire replacements require additional information including: tread depth, make and model of tire, size, speed and load rating.
Emergency Repair Procedure

Please reference your contract to determine if Emergency Repair Procedures are available. Procedures and time frames vary by state, reference the State Amendments section as required.

In the event, that a Breakdown of a covered part occurs when the Administrator’s office is closed and emergency repairs are necessary you may authorize repairs without securing the administrator’s prior authorization.

  • You or the service representative must notify us of repairs as soon as our office reopens.
  • You must submit written request for reimbursement with invoices and proof of payment no later than thirty (30) days after repairs were made.
  • Reimbursement of emergency repairs will be subject to all terms and conditions of your Service Contract.
  • Emergency repairs are those required because Your Vehicle was inoperable or unsafe to drive. Parts must be available for inspection when the Administrator’s office reopens.

If Towing coverage is included in your contract, you will be eligible for the benefit only in conjunction with a covered repair under your contract.

  • Towing coverage can cover up to $75 dollars with covered repair
  • Invoice and proof of payment are required for reimbursement
  • Towing can be paid directly to repair facility if added to repair order

If rental coverage is included in your contract, you will be eligible for the benefit only in conjunction with a covered repair under your contract.

  • Rental coverage can cover up to $35/day for up to 10 days
  • Invoice and proof of payment are required for reimbursement
  • Rental can be paid directly to repair facility if added to repair order
  • Rental is not covered if required due to parts delay or shop scheduling issues

If travel coverage is included in your contract, you will be eligible for the benefit only in conjunction with a covered repair under your contract.

  • Travel coverage can cover up to $75 a day for up to 5 days
  • Invoices and proof of payment required for reimbursement
  • For breakdowns that occur more than 100 miles from your home
  • If your vehicle breakdown renders your vehicle inoperable or unsafe to drive
  • If your vehicle is required to be held overnight by repair facility
Frequently Asked Questions
A: GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) is an optional addendum coverage for both new and used cars that can be added to your financial loan contract at time of purchase. It may pay the difference between the balance of a lease or loan due on a vehicle and what your insurance company pays if the car is considered a covered total loss (based on the terms and conditions of the specific contract).
A: No, purchase of GAP is voluntary and is not required. Neither the extension or terms of the credit nor the terms of the vehicle sale or lease may be conditioned upon the purchase of GAP.
A: No, GAP is non-transferable it is only and is only for the original contract. In the event of refinancing please contact the selling dealership for cancelation.
A: GAP coverage covers in the event of a total loss of your vehicle due to collision, fire, or an unrecoverable theft. Please see your GAP addendum for additional details.
A: Please contact your auto insurance carrier for guidelines and assistance.
A: Yes, GAP is available on leased vehicles. Please contact your auto dealer representative for more information.
A: For your convenience, a checklist of all the documents
A: Please contact Total Warranty Services GAP department between the hours of 8AM – 6PM Eastern Time to inquire on the status of your claim. Please have your GAP benefit request number or last 8 digits of the vin# ready when you call.
A: The GAP benefit may not cancel or waive the entire amount owing at the time of loss. GAP only covers up to the date of loss and processes based on the terms and conditions of the contract. If any payments were missed, differed, paid late, changes to the payment due date, or any interest/fees after the date of loss are not GAP covered and could be why there is an outstanding balance.
A: Directly to the lien holder.
A: Yes, GAP can be canceled as long as a claim has not been paid. Please contact your selling dealer for information on how to cancel your GAP addendum.
A: Yes, even though this vehicle is totaled it is still in your name, if you do not continue to make your payment it will negatively affect your credit. Please contact your lien holder asking them how they want you to work future monthly payments until everything (with GAP and insurance) is finalized.
A: Filing a GAP claim is voluntary and not required if there is not an outstanding payoff balance. If there is an outstanding payoff balance after your auto insurance carrier provides its settlement, you must file a GAP claim to receive a GAP benefit. You may, however, want to cancel your GAP coverage at that time. Depending upon certain factors, including your loan or lease payment history, the GAP benefit may not cancel or waive the entire outstanding balance under your original financial loan contract at the time of loss.
A: Yes, you may file a GAP claim regardless of whose auto insurance carrier is paying the settlement.
A: Yes, you may still file a GAP claim. An estimate of damages to your vehicle is required to process a claim.
A: If no police report is available, we require a notarized statement of loss. A notarized statement of loss can be hand written (just has to be legible) and needs to include your name, vin#, date of the accident then in your own words a written statement of the event which occurred resulting in a vehicle total loss and must also indicate why no police report was processed. Once completed take it to a notary sign and have it notarized.
A: No, once a GAP benefit has been paid there is no refund due to you.
A: This is contract specific, please refer to your contract or contact 800-870-6856.
A: Once documents are received it takes 1 business day to be logged into the system.
A: Payments are mailed to the lender via Priority mail, once received most lenders take 3-5 business days to apply payment to your account.
Items Needed To Process GAP
Document available from:
1. Complete Copy of GAP Waiver
2. Retail Installment Contract/ Loan Contract
Dealership, Lien Holder
3. Copy of Window Sticker (New Vehicles)
4. Copy of Factory Invoice (New Vehicles)
5. Buyers Order
6. Refund Amount(s) for Extended Warranty and/or Credit Life/Disability Certificates/Policies(s)
7. Insurance Policy Declaration Page
Primary Insurance Company
8. Insurance Settlement Check and Breakdown
Primary Insurance Company
9. ACV (Actual Cash Value) Valuation Report
Primary Insurance Company
10. Police Report (if no police report, notarized written statement from Customer as to what happened and why no police report filed)
Primary Insurance Company, Police Department, Customer
11. Entire Loan Payment History
Lien holder
12. Payoff as Date of Loss
Lien holder, Account Statement, or Online
13. GAP Benefit Request Form & Authorization and Release for Information form